Brett Gribble

I can’t speak highly enough of Ankush. He has helped transform my life into the person I was meant to be, who I truly am inside. I feel a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for everything he has done. During our coaching sessions he didn’t present me with anything new to learn or study, there was no effort or work involved, yet I was impacted more over three months of his coaching than anyone else I’d come across in almost twenty years of personal development. With Ankush’s gentle guidance I was able to come out from the curtain I had been hiding behind most of my life and I felt deeply seen and heard. I was supported in being vulnerable and sharing some of my deepest thoughts and feelings with someone who only wanted the best for me. The result is that I am more present, grounded, less caught up in my unhelpful thinking and more in touch with own wisdom. I am now able to develop much deeper and more authentic connections with others along with a wonderful feeling of happiness, well-being, peace and security in myself. Thank you Ankush for everything you have done and sharing your all gifts and insights with me. So much more is possible for my life than I ever imagined. Brett Gribble - Actor from Auckland, New Zealand