Eva Robinson

After retiring from being a Alcohol and Drug counselor for over 20 years, I decided I wanted to continue being of service to others and to start private coaching. When I started working with Ankush around April of 2015, I had only 2 paying clients. Two weeks after my first meeting with Ankush, I had 4 more paying clients and I was seeing clearly the difference between coaching and counseling. I have met some very authentic human beings over the years and Ankush is at the top. Venturing out on my own was a bit scary and confusing for me in the beginning. I had never met or heard of Ankush before I reached out to him. I felt complete congruence and love in a post he wrote online that I happened to come across. I have never been compelled to reach out to a stranger before but I got this warm feeling, knowing that this man had the answers to my questions and I took a chance. I haven't looked anywhere else since. I have The BEST coach in Ankush and I will recommend him to anyone. He is a true humanitarian and successfully KNOWS what he is doing. Eva Robinson - Coach from San Jose, California