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How To Be Less Stressed And More Productive with Sachin Sharma and Ankush Jain | SOC Podcast Episode #151

Sachin Sharma, a life coach from London, interviewed Ankush for his spoon of consciousness podcast recently on being less stressed and more productive. This is definitely one to listen to if you wanna get more done without adding any additional stress or anxiety to your life. Contact Details: You can find out more about Sachin and his work via his website: https://www.spoonofconsciousness.com/ To contact Ankush about anything he mentions in this podcast, visit: https://ankushjain.co.uk/contact-me/  

Business Series Podcast Ep.2 – How to Avoid Burnout with Elizabeth Lovius

How To Avoid Burnout Ankush interviews Elizabeth Lovius about burnout in business and how it’s completely misunderstood in today’s society. Some of the questions answered in ways you may not have previously heard are as follows: – What is burnout? – What is the cost of burnout in business? – What is the true cause of burnout? – What can be done about it? – How can we see burnout in a new way? You can also listen to this podcast and all the episodes Continue reading →

RSP 22: Mandy Spray on The Misunderstanding of Stress & The Power Of Support

This week I interview Mandy Spray who is the founder of Clear Mind Academy, which is a not for profit organisation set up to help the education, health and social care sector in the UK better understand the benefits of a better understanding of state of mind. In this episode we discuss: – The innate wellbeing that every person has within them regardless of circumstances, careers or intellect – How social care workers in the UK are stressed, poorly paid and scared and with a Continue reading →