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LIVE Coaching – July 2019

In this laser coaching session, I coach Bram around responding emotionally when his girlfriend is angry at him. This may be a useful coaching session to watch if you would like to improve your own relationship or if you coach others around their relationships. You can also watch this directly on Youtube via this link: https://youtu.be/wDuLsp8n8Rk To watch other laser coaching sessions I have conducted, click here

Business Series Podcast Ep.14 – Building Effective Relationships Within Business with Cathy Casey

Building Effective Relationships Within Business In this episode, Ankush speaks with Cathy Casey about building effective relationships in the workplace. Some of what they discuss include: – Why is it important to build effective relationships for both individuals and the organisations they work for – Technical competency vs People skills – The role of state of mind in engaging with others – A couple of case studies to demonstrate what it takes to get in connection with someone else You can also listen to this Continue reading →

Business Series Podcast Ep.5 – The Importance of EQ with Gilly Chater

The Importance of EQ In this episode, Ankush speaks with Gilly Chater about EQ and the importance of “emotional intelligence” in the workplace. Some of what they discuss include: – What is EQ and why it is more important to understand as a leader? – The distinction between our “Intuition” vs our “Intellect” – The connection between EQ, intuition and presence. – A story of a life-changing moment that a leader had when he listened to his daughter. You can also listen to this podcast Continue reading →

Waking Up vs Growing Up with Steve Chandler

In this Facebook LIVE clip, Ankush speaks with renowned coach Steve Chandler who is the author of dozens of books including the bestsellers Crazy Good and Time Warrior. They speak about Ken Wilbur’s distinction of waking up vs growing up and how it aligns with George Pransky’s distinction between Living vs The Game of Life. You can find more resources like this here:¬†https://ankushjain.co.uk/coaches/¬† Waking Up vs Growing Up Full Transcript   [00:00:01.06] Ankush: Hello Facebook, I’m live, and I’m joined by Steve Chandler behind me Continue reading →

RSP 46: Final Episode: Turning the Tables on Ankush Jain

  In the last two and a half years, Ankush Jain has interviewed over 40 state of mind relationship experts for the Relationship Series Podcast. In this, his final episode, Jill Whalen turns the table on him to hear what he’s learned from his interviews, and how they’ve helped his own relationships. Key points discussed in the interview were: – How all relationships are basically the same. – How our relationships with others reflect our relationships to ourselves. – That others don’t have the ability Continue reading →