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RSP 36: Surviving and Thriving after Personal Trauma with Lian Brook-Tyler

This week I interview Lian Brook -Tyler as she share the phenomenal story of her overcoming a violent sexual assault and her journey of reconciliation with herself and the world around her after experiencing chronic health issues, loss and personal trauma. Listen in on this podcast gain insight into: How personal trauma can open you up to new and wondrous possibilities Why the concept of playing the role of the victim can stop us from opening up to the beauty of life How to allow the Continue reading →

RSP 34: The Art of Communication with Linda Pransky

This week I interview Linda Pransky of Pransky and Associates about the Art of Communication. Listen to this episode and learn – Why arguments occur and what you can do to bring consolidation in your relationships – How to support yourself to communicate your feeling and intentions effectively in a relationship – The role of thought in your communication with those you love – How to see past the struggles and difficult periods that occur with those you love To find out more about Linda Continue reading →

RSP 33: The Role of Good Decisions and Where they Come From with Annika Hurwitt

In this interview, I speak with State of Mind specialist Annika Hurwitt who shares her insight into relationships and specifically the role of good decisions. She shares where they come from and how this information can significantly improve our interpersonal and professional relationships on a quantum scale. Listen and learn * What is a good decision and do they matter? * Where good or bad decisions come from *How being present is the secret to flowing communication * The role our perception plays in our decision Continue reading →

RSP 32: Overcoming the Need for Approval with Morten Hake

This week I interview Morten Hake who is a state of mind specialist and a dating and relationship coach from Norway. He has a large following with whom he shares his insights on personal and professional success. Morton shares with us on this episode how he has navigated the high and lows of his career up until now. He explains how the principles behind our state of mind completely changed his understanding of success, humility and deepened his own relationships which have paid a crucial Continue reading →