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Business Series Podcast Ep.6 – How to Best Achieve Equality in the Workplace with Nicky Bartley

How to Best Achieve Equality in the Workplace In this episode, Ankush speaks with Nicky Bartley about equality and the importance of it in the workplace. Some of what they discuss include: – What is the value to businesses of achieving workplace equality? – The connection between equality and productivity – The connection between EQ, intuition and presence. – The real cause of inequality and what businesses can do about it. You can also listen to this podcast and all the episodes in the series Continue reading →

RSP 45: The Gift of Deciding to Have a Better Relationship

In this episode of The Relationship Series Podcast, Ankush Jain speaks with Fiona Lukeis about how getting help in a relationship has far reaching effects. Some of what they discuss include: – How changing your perspective, can change everything. – How you can thrive in your relationship. – Why punishing your partner makes it more difficult and take longer to become close again. – The difference between letting things go and being “walked over.” – How clarity of mind gives us the conviction to know Continue reading →

RSP 43: Overcoming Your Dating Fears with Alison Chan Lung

In this episode of the Relationship Series podcast, Ankush speaks with Alison Chan Lung about how overcoming our fears about dating can naturally create a better dating experience. Some of what they cover includes: – How our state of mind affects how we look at dating. – When we realise there’s nothing wrong with us, we can enjoy dating more. – How seeing dating as simply a new experience can help it seem less scary. – How to allow our true selves to shine through Continue reading →

RSP 41: Finding The Freedom to Love Regardless of Circumstances with Wendi Sagesse

In this episode of The Relationship Series Podcast, Wendi Saggesse talks to Ankush about her journey to learn where happiness truly comes from, and how finding it opened her up to the endless possibilities of love and understanding. Their discussion includes: – How Wendi is more in love with her husband than ever (regardless of what he does or says). – How even though she has stage 4 cancer, she is happier than she’s ever been. – How when we change ourselves, everyone around us Continue reading →

RSP 29: Breathing New Life Into An Old Relationship With Erika Bugbee

This week I interview Erika Bugbee, M.A. who is a partner at Pransky and Associates, a consulting practice of 35 years located outside Seattle, Washington. Erika speaks at conferences both nationally and internationally. One of her main areas of expertise is in helping couples through their online and in-person programs. When not at work, Erika hangs out with her husband of 17 years, their two kids, and two poorly-trained dogs. Listen in and unveil how to – Overcome your feelings of frustration with your spouse Continue reading →

RSP 28: The Mind and Its Role in a Loving Relationship with George Pransky Part 2

This week I am excited to announce that I have an interview with Dr George Pransky for you all who has a long list of credentials, not least that Colin Wilson called him the “Greatest psychologist of our time” This podcast is released in two parts as the interview ran to 90 minutes! In part one George covered the principles behind state of mind and their role in our relationships. In this part two he answers listeners questions on relationships. Listen to Part Two and Continue reading →