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RSP 46: Final Episode: Turning the Tables on Ankush Jain

In the last two and a half years, Ankush Jain has interviewed over 40 state of mind relationship experts for the Relationship Series Podcast. In this, his final episode, Jill Whalen turns the table on him to hear what he’s learned from his interviews, and how they’ve helped his own relationships. Key points discussed in the interview were: – How all relationships are basically the same. – How our relationships with others reflect our relationships to ourselves. – That others don’t have the ability to Continue reading →

RSP 44: Living Life From a Place of Peace with Denise Holland

In this conversation, Ankush speaks with Denise Holland, about how our behaviour comes out of our state of mind in the moment. They discuss how believing our thinking affects not only high performance athletes, but all of our family relationships as well. Some of the topics covered include: – We can perform in whatever capacity, irrespective of our thinking. – We have ability to create any experience. – We are designed perfectly. – We often put our beliefs onto our children and spouses without realising Continue reading →

RSP 41: Finding The Freedom to Love Regardless of Circumstances with Wendi Sagesse

In this episode of The Relationship Series Podcast, Wendi Saggesse talks to Ankush about her journey to learn where happiness truly comes from, and how finding it opened her up to the endless possibilities of love and understanding. Their discussion includes: – How Wendi is more in love with her husband than ever (regardless of what he does or says). – How even though she has stage 4 cancer, she is happier than she’s ever been. – How when we change ourselves, everyone around us Continue reading →

RSP 37: The Secret to Feeling More in Love with Your Spouse with Michael Neill

Ankush Jain interviews best selling author, speaker. radio presenter and transformation coach Michael Neill in this insightful episode. Michael shares his journey to becoming a three principles coach and how this understanding has transformed his experience of personal and business relationships. Tune in to discover: That there is no formula to a successful loving relationship How we can see our personal and business relationships as pure fun How connection develops and why you need not fix anything in your relationships How we get over the Continue reading →

RSP 36: Surviving and Thriving after Personal Trauma with Lian Brook-Tyler

This week I¬†interview Lian Brook -Tyler as she share the phenomenal story of her overcoming a violent sexual assault and her journey of reconciliation with herself and the world around her after experiencing chronic health issues, loss and personal trauma. Listen in on this podcast gain insight into: How personal trauma can open you up to new and wondrous possibilities Why the concept of playing the role of the victim can stop us from opening up to the beauty of life How to allow the Continue reading →

RSP 35: The Cure to Overwhelm and Anxiety with Terry Rubenstein

Ankush Jain interviews Terry Rubenstein CEO of Innate Health as she shares her very touching and personal transformation through depression and anxiety and the reasons behind her impactful and changing work with others. Listen in on this podcast gain insight into: – Why your personal circumstances have no power over your state of mind and mood – The common denominator that is present in us all to overcome any tough period life brings our way – The true innate resilience and tenacity the human sprit Continue reading →