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Loving Your Clients

WHY LOVING YOUR CLIENTS IS THE #1 TRAIT OF A GOOD COACH A number of weeks back I posed the question: “What makes a good coach?” in my Coaching From a Three Principles Understanding group on Facebook. There were a lot of great answers. My personal answer to this question particularly intrigued Dan Levin. I said: “My current answer to this is simply LOVE. The more I’ve fallen in love with my clients, the deeper I’m finding the impact of my calls and the more Continue reading →

Monologue v Dialogue

My apprentice, Stuart Rawlins asked in one of our weekly coaching sessions what makes a conversation on social media a dialogue rather than a monologue. Stuart was really struggling with getting people to not only engage with his posts, but also in conversations and I pointed out that he was conversing as a monologue and that this did not encourage people to relate and comment. I pointed out that there are a number of ways to change this. As he found it an important distinction, Continue reading → Continue reading →


WHY DO I SUPPORT OTHER COACHES? I know I created a video explaining why I created my Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/coaching3ps/) for coaches but that is a few years old now. So, why is it that I continue to run this group? Well, there are a number of reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, learning about the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness deeply and personally impacted me. To date, they have been the single most useful and transformative thing I have ever learned about. I Continue reading →


Steve Chandler and I have worked together for many years. Not only has he been my coach but we’ve co-hosted programs for coaches in the past in London and many of you have been asking me if I will be hosting something with Steve for coaches again given that we didn’t do something in 2019. Well, I can announce that Steve and I are planning to put on a program for coaches later this year (full details TBC at a later date). Additionally, Steve sent Continue reading →

LIVE Coaching – July 2019

In this laser coaching session, I coach Bram around responding emotionally when his girlfriend is angry at him. This may be a useful coaching session to watch if you would like to improve your own relationship or if you coach others around their relationships. You can also watch this directly on Youtube via this link: https://youtu.be/wDuLsp8n8Rk To watch other laser coaching sessions I have conducted, click here

Business Series Podcast Ep.17 – How To Stay Relevant in Business with Rich Habets

How to Stay Relevant in Business In this episode, Ankush speaks with leadership consultant Rich Habets. Some of what they discuss include: – How do we stay relevant in such the fast-paced business world? – Slowing down internally to get more done – How can we slow down right now? – A case study of a client Rich worked with and his approach You can also listen to this podcast and all the episodes in the series via iTunes: iTunes or Stitcher: Stitcher To receive an email Continue reading →