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Business Series Podcast Ep.14 – Building Effective Relationships Within Business with Cathy Casey

Building Effective Relationships Within Business In this episode, Ankush speaks with Cathy Casey about building effective relationships in the workplace. Some of what they discuss include: – Why is it important to build effective relationships for both individuals and the organisations they work for – Technical competency vs People skills – The role of state of mind in engaging with others – A couple of case studies to demonstrate what it takes to get in connection with someone else You can also listen to this Continue reading →

RSP 18: Cathy Casey on Growing Deeper Relationships

This week I interview my colleague Cathy Casey who has spent years working in County Government, Corporations, Schools and Hospitals. Her real passion has been working with inmates in criminal justice. In this episode we explore: – A transformation story of an inmate who had given up on himself to seeing how he could heal himself – Deepening family relationships through avoiding the Spanish Inquisition approach – Insight into the¬†relationship between parents and their teenage children To find out more about Cathy, you can contact Continue reading →