RSP 09: Mark Howard on The REAL Truth of the Knowledge we are Born With

mark howardThe REAL Truth of the Knowledge we are Born With

In episode 9 I interview psychologist, Dr Mark Howard who since 1982 has been teaching the principles behind our experience of life. He provides relationship counselling services to both individuals and couples and is also credited with teaching more practitioners of this understanding than anyone else. Mark has an extremely simple and unique way of explaining these principles.

I met Mark last year at a conference in London and he has an ability to instantly connect with people and make them feel at ease. Although I have not trained with him directly, he has deeply impacted my own coaching via some audios I listened to where he shared how he teaches the principles behind state of mind to individual clients and groups.

In 2008 he won the Outstanding Career Service by a Psychologist award by the Santa Clara County Psychological Association. To find out more or to connect with Mark you can do so via his website:

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