RSP 06: Dicken Bettinger on the two insights he had which fundamentally changed every subsequent relationship he had.

dickenbettingerThe Two Insights Which Fundamentally Changed Every Subsequent Relationship he Had

I’m really excited to release episode 6 of “The Relationship Series” which is now “live” on YouTube. This week I am joined by my dear friend and colleague Dr Dicken Bettinger works with individuals, couples and families, offers supervision,¬†individual coaching, group seminars, and business consultation around the world.

I first met Dicken at a seminar in St Albans in 2013 and after just meeting him for 2 days, I felt deeply connected and was powerfully impacted by what he spoke about. Like many others I have interviewed, Dicken feels like a good friend who I have known for years.

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Dicken has some further videos and inforation on his website Р or to contact Dicken directly you can do so via email on: or call +1 360-466-5026.

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