Creating Strong Agreements with Clients – with Karen Davis

Why and how to create strong agreements

Ankush Jain interviews Karen Davis in a rich and interactive webinar for his Facebook group Coaching From 3 Principles Understanding. They talk about creating strong agreements with coaching clients at different stages of professional relationships with them.

Use these quick links to find the webinar highlights:

03:58 – Karen’s journey with coaching agreements.

12:36 – The importance of strong agreements.

17:19 – What to agree with clients on the very first session.

20:55 – Examples of agreements to create during your program.

25:40 – How to balance your own preferences and client’s needs.

31:04 – The difference between Karen’s written and spoken agreements.

34:58 – Creating agreements when working inside organizations.

37:56 – Examples of renegotiating agreements.

41:10 – Holding ourselves and the client accountable.

44:07 – A live case study on establishing agreements.

50:16 – “Why bother to create these agreements?”

54:30 – Some agreements to have before the first conversation.

58:50 – Meeting clients where they are.

Contact Details:

*To receive the audio ‘Expectations vs Agreements’ mentioned in this webinar, simply send a message to Ankush here:

To find out more about Karen, please visit her website:

strong agreements

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