How to Fill Your Coaching Practice

In this webinar, Dave Kibby interviews Ankush Jain on how he filled his coaching practice in his first year of coaching full-time. How to Fill your Coaching Practice – Full Transcript   [00:00:08.08] Ankush: Hi coaches, I have got a friend with me, a colleague with me today. He’s turning the tables on me, so normally I record other people and have interviews with other people and if you don’t know who this good looking gentleman is, I don’t know if he’s going to be Continue reading →


Please see another unedited, raw and draft piece from my upcoming book, and this one is on the subject of money: CHAPTER 10 – CAN MONEY MAKE YOU UNHAPPY? I have touched on the idea of money throughout this book. This is because it’s a subject that really seems to catch people out, both in terms of thinking money can make you happy and also that it can make you miserable. (It caught me out numerous times and in different guises). One of my early Continue reading →

What would you do with £110,000,000?

Does money equal more happiness? A couple of people over the past week have spoken to me about playing the Euromillions lottery and asking me what I would do if I won. The answer may surprise you…but I”ll come onto that. For those of you who don”t know, the Euromillions Lottery combines the lotteries of nine European countries and has created a number of multi-millionaires. This Friday (today) the estimated rollover jackpot is £110,000,000! I used to dream
 Back when I was 20 years old, Continue reading →