Are we all just looking to better connect with each other? Someone once said to me that we all have a common desire; we are all just looking to connect with others and connection has come up in a few conversations I’ve had in the past weeks. Connection with others applies to so many areas of our lives – not just in intimate relationships. We seek to connect at home with our families, socially with our friends and increasingly connect at work with our boss, customers Continue reading →

Taking Action

In 2011, a friend of mine was attending a success seminar in London and invited me along. One of the key points I took away was the importance of taking action. Now it may seem like an obvious point but one of the reason people don”t achieve their goals and dreams is that they never start. In so many areas of our lives it can feel like we need to have the know how or all of the the information there is out there before Continue reading →

What would you do with £110,000,000?

Does money equal more happiness? A couple of people over the past week have spoken to me about playing the Euromillions lottery and asking me what I would do if I won. The answer may surprise you…but I”ll come onto that. For those of you who don”t know, the Euromillions Lottery combines the lotteries of nine European countries and has created a number of multi-millionaires. This Friday (today) the estimated rollover jackpot is £110,000,000! I used to dream
 Back when I was 20 years old, Continue reading →