RSP 03: Jamie Smart On Discovering How the Principles Behind Clarity Can Transform Your Relationships.

Discovering How the Principles Behind Clarity Can Transform Your Relationships In 2012 I started my journey into coaching by enrolling into Jamie Smart’s Inner Circle program. I didn’t realise at the time how much this would transform my life and the lives of those around me. In 2013 I enrolled in his inaugural Clarity Practioner Program which further impacted me and I’m excited to be mentoring on his new program starting in a few weeks. As well as being a mentor to me, Jamie has Continue reading →

RSP 02: Victoria Green On Being Happy With You.

Being Happy With You Following my first ever interview online on relationships with Christine Livingston, here is Episode 2. It’s a half hour interview with my colleague and recently qualified Clarity Practitioner, Victoria Green. In this episode we discuss a different approach to relationships (using the 3 principles) including how Victoria has changed in her own relationship with her partner and children. I’ve had some great feedback from the first interview and I would love to continue bringing you new interviews and content each week. Continue reading →

Interviewed on the New Paradigm Podcast

A few weeks ago, I accompanied my mentor Jamie Smart on a trip to Norway to assist him with a workshop out there teaching the principles behind his book – Clarity. The events was hosted and organised by Morten Hake who has built up a large community in Oslo for those interested in personal development. Morten was kind enough to host me in his house for a few days and whilst there he interviewed me for his new podcast – the New Paradigm Podcast which Continue reading →

RSP 01: Christine Livingston On The Art Of Being Happy With You.

The Art Of Being Happy With You Hi Guys, I have just posted my first ever interview online available to the public. It’s a half hour interview with master coach and Clarity Practitioner, Christine Livingston and we discuss a different approach to romantic relationships (using the 3 principles behind our state of mind). My aim is to make each interview more powerful than the last. If you like it, and think it could help others, please share it. You can also listen to this podcast Continue reading →


Are we all just looking to better connect with each other? Someone once said to me that we all have a common desire; we are all just looking to connect with others and connection has come up in a few conversations I’ve had in the past weeks. Connection with others applies to so many areas of our lives – not just in intimate relationships. We seek to connect at home with our families, socially with our friends and increasingly¬†connect at work with our boss, customers Continue reading →

Taking Action

In 2011, a friend of mine was attending a success seminar in London and invited me along. One of the key points I took away was the importance of taking action. Now it may seem like an obvious point but one of the reason people don”t achieve their goals and dreams is that they never start. In so many areas of our lives it can feel like we need to have the know how or all of the the information there is out there before Continue reading →