RSP 24: Amy Johnson on Forgiveness and the Relationship Magic Pill

This week I interview Dr Amy Johnson who is social psychologist, master certified coach and author of several books including Being Human – Essays on Thoughtmares, Bouncing Back and Your True Nature As well as discussing Amy’s background in the principles behind state of mind to date, we cover: – Why children have great mental health and what changes as we grow up – What responsibility do we have in impacting other’s feelings? – Compassion emerging from a lear state of mind – Forgiveness as an action vs an Continue reading →

RSP 23: Jack Pransky On Weatherproofing Your Relationship & Dealing With Jealousy

This week I interview Dr Jack Pransky who is the author of several books including “Parenting from the Heart” and “Somebody Should Have Told Us”. As well as discussing Jack’s background experiences to date, we cover: – What the “inside out” vs “outside in” views of reality mean when applied to relationships – Thoughts vs the power to have thoughts – What is the true cause of our feelings of our partners – How to weatherproof your relationship – How to tell the difference between Continue reading →

RSP 22: Mandy Spray on The Misunderstanding of Stress & The Power Of Support

This week I interview Mandy Spray who is the founder of Clear Mind Academy, which is a not for profit organisation set up to help the education, health and social care sector in the UK better understand the benefits of a better understanding of state of mind. In this episode we discuss: – The innate wellbeing that every person has within them regardless of circumstances, careers or intellect – How social care workers in the UK are stressed, poorly paid and scared and with a Continue reading →

RSP 21 – Chantal Burns On Business Relationship Success & Our Psychological Innocence

This week I interview Chantal Burns who is author of the number 1 bestselling book – Instant Motivation – The Surprising Truth Behind What Really Drives Top Performance. In this episode we discuss: – How in relationship problems, it can look like the problem is always with the other person – That relationship problems are actually a result of a misunderstanding of how our minds work – We are always connected to others but we can block connection with our thinking – The Principles behind business relationships are the Continue reading →

RSP 20: Judith Sedgeman on Transforming Your Business And Influencing Others

This week I interview Judith Sedgeman who is a teacher, mentor and consultant. She spent 12 years on the faculty of the West Virginia University School of Medicine where she developed and taught courses for the Master’s Program in Public Health. She remains an Adjunct Professor at West Virginia University teaching two graduate courses online, both focused on resiliency and mental well-being. Her passion is to help others eliminate stress and access wisdom and resiliency. In this episode we discuss: – How Judith was introduced to the Continue reading →

RSP 19: Ami Chen Mills-Naim on the Secret to Successful Parenting and Supporting your Children

This week I interview Ami Chen Mills-Naim who was the co-founder and Director of the Centre for Sustainable Change in America as well as author of State of Mind in the Classroom: Thought, Consciousness and the Essential Curriculum for Healthy Learning, and The Spark Inside: A Special Book for Youth. She has worked with young people from at risk groups for many years and specialises in helping families to have better relationships with each other. In this episode we discuss: – How socio-economic class no longer determines whether Continue reading →