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RSP 42: How to Have Easier Discussions With Your Partner with Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe

In this episode of the Relationship Series Podcast, Ankush speaks to a couple of state of mind experts, Keith Blevens and Valda Munroe about having easier relationships with your partner. Their discussion includes: – How state of mind rather than circumstances affects how we feel. – How our thinking is not in our control. – How it’s the power of Thought that creates our entire experience. – How our habits can cause strife without us even knowing it. – How victimhood can be eliminated from Continue reading →

RSP 41: Finding The Freedom to Love Regardless of Circumstances with Wendi Sagesse

In this episode of The Relationship Series Podcast, Wendi Saggesse talks to Ankush about her journey to learn where happiness truly comes from, and how finding it opened her up to the endless possibilities of love and understanding. Their discussion includes: – How Wendi is more in love with her husband than ever (regardless of what he does or says). – How even though she has stage 4 cancer, she is happier than she’s ever been. – How when we change ourselves, everyone around us Continue reading →

RSP 40: How to be Okay With Separation and Divorce (Even When Blindsided!) with Piers Thurston

In this episode of the Relationship Series, Piers Thurston speaks candidly with Ankush about his very recent separation and divorce. Piers talks about how he was able to use his “state of mind” knowledge and understanding of how life works to come out the other side healthy and intact. A few topics discussed were: – how he got through the dark times – seeing through his old identity thoughts – and how he managed to keep a good relationship with his ex and his children Continue reading →

RSP 39: Unravelling the Roots of Addictive Relationships with Jill Whalen

In this episode of the Relationship Series Podcast, Ankush Jain speaks to Jill Whalen about her lifelong pattern of addictive friendships and how she finally saw them for what they were. This discussion includes Jill’s views on: – why many of us form addictive friendships – how life is often just one big addiction – how she broke her own pattern by simply seeing it for what it was – how her new and old friendships and relationships in general have changed To find out Continue reading →

RSP 38: The Key to Enjoy Dating with Veronique Pivetta

The Key to Enjoying Dating Relationship Coach, Veronique Pivetta, joins Ankush Jain on this episode of the Relationship Series Podcast to chat openly about what it takes to enjoy any date, as well as dating, in general. Topics discussed include: how to know if you should ask someone on a date whether or not you should go on a second date how to let your date know you’re not interested whether or not you should have sex with your date, and much more! You can Continue reading →

RSP 37: The Secret to Feeling More in Love with Your Spouse with Michael Neill

Ankush Jain interviews best selling author, speaker. radio presenter and transformation coach Michael Neill in this insightful episode. Michael shares his journey to becoming a three principles coach and how this understanding has transformed his experience of personal and business relationships. Tune in to discover: That there is no formula to a successful loving relationship How we can see our personal and business relationships as pure fun How connection develops and why you need not fix anything in your relationships How we get over the Continue reading →