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RSP 46: Final Episode: Turning the Tables on Ankush Jain

In the last two and a half years, Ankush Jain has interviewed over 40 state of mind relationship experts for the Relationship Series Podcast. In this, his final episode, Jill Whalen turns the table on him to hear what he’s learned from his interviews, and how they’ve helped his own relationships. Key points discussed in the interview were: – How all relationships are basically the same. – How our relationships with others reflect our relationships to ourselves. – That others don’t have the ability to Continue reading →


Please see another unedited, raw and draft piece from my upcoming book, and this one is on the subject of money:   I have touched on the subject of money throughout this book. The reason is this is an area that really seems to catch people out. This is true both ways in terms of thinking money can make you happy, and also that money can make you miserable. I remember, one of my early clients was a young lady who was looking to get Continue reading →


Hi Everyone, I am currently writing my first book and I recently shared chapter 1 of this unedited book with my blog. Below is another raw and unedited excerpt from my upcoming book. Please do send me your feedback and sign up to my email list on the homepage if you’d like to receive future emails from me as I’ll be sending out more chapters soon. CHAPTER 6 I spent years in and around what is called the self-development or self-help world. I was addicted Continue reading →


Hi Everyone, I am currently writing my first book and I recently shared chapter 1 of this unedited book with my email list. I’ve had many people contact me because they missed it, so I have decided to share the raw unedited chapter as a blog post here. Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback. I will share further chapters in the lead up to the final book being published, so do click on the subscribe button on my homepage if you wish to Continue reading →

RSP 45: The Gift of Deciding to Have a Better Relationship

In this episode of The Relationship Series Podcast, Ankush Jain speaks with Fiona Lukeis about how getting help in a relationship has far reaching effects. Some of what they discuss include: – How changing your perspective, can change everything. – How you can thrive in your relationship. – Why punishing your partner makes it more difficult and take longer to become close again. – The difference between letting things go and being “walked over.” – How clarity of mind gives us the conviction to know Continue reading →