Business Series Podcast Ep.4 – The Hidden Variable to Leadership with Piers Thurston

The Hidden Variable to Leadership In this episode, Ankush speaks with Piers Thurston about how most leadership training misses out one vital factor which underpins the effectiveness of all leadership training. Some of what they discuss include: – Does leadership mean getting the best out of others? – How a leader’s state of mind underpins how they behave or how they think. – How leadership is not psychologically taking on others problems and how a leader changed his own business when he saw this for himself. Continue reading →

Business Series Podcast Ep.3 – Staying Agile in Challenging Work Environments with Dicken Bettinger

Staying Agile in Demanding Work Environments In this episode, Ankush speaks with Dicken Bettinger about how state of mind is a major factor in having more clarity, productivity and resilience in demanding work environments. Some of what they discuss include: -How learning the role that thought plays in state of mind can give companies a competitive edge. -Recognizing that a chronic busy mind is going to stop people from having access to outside the box thinking. -How awareness of how the mind works is key Continue reading →

Business Series Podcast Ep.2 – How to Avoid Burnout with Elizabeth Lovius

How To Avoid Burnout Ankush interviews Elizabeth Lovius about burnout in business and how it’s completely misunderstood in today’s society. Some of the questions answered in ways you may not have previously heard are as follows: – What is burnout? – What is the cost of burnout in business? – What is the true cause of burnout? – What can be done about it? – How can we see burnout in a new way? You can also listen to this podcast and all the episodes Continue reading →

Business Series Podcast Ep.1 – Creating a Thriving Team with Kimberley Hare

Creating A Thriving Team in Business Ankush Jain interviews Kimberley Hare, a coach, trainer and leadership developer, about how to create a thriving team in any business. Unfortunately, most business teams consistently perform well below the levels they could and should perform at. While motivational and inspirational talks and classes can temporarily help, they never get to the root of the problem. In this conversation, Kimberley talks about how workplaces in and of themselves don’t cause stress and when business teams understand where their feelings actually Continue reading →

RSP 21 – Chantal Burns On Business Relationship Success & Our Psychological Innocence

This week I interview Chantal Burns who is author of the number 1 bestselling book – Instant Motivation – The Surprising Truth Behind What Really Drives Top Performance. In this episode we discuss: – How in relationship problems, it can look like the problem is always with the other person – That relationship problems are actually a result of a misunderstanding of how our minds work – We are always connected to others but we can block connection with our thinking – The Principles behind business relationships are the Continue reading →

RSP 11: Elsie Spittle on In-laws, Healthy Relationships and Falling Back in Love

In-laws, Healthy Relationships and Falling Back in Love In Episode 11, I interview Elsie Spittle who has been a pioneer in teaching the principles behind our state of mind for over 40 years. Elsie knew and was friends with Sydney Banks before his enlightenment experience and she went from being a housewife to coaching senior executives, working in disadvantaged communities, teaching in universities and working with individuals and couples. I met Elsie in 2013 at the Tikun conference in London and attended her 1 hour breakout Continue reading →