Things I wish I’d known when I started coaching

Back in 2015, I was interviewed by Emma McDevitt for the Coaching Exchange around the subject of “things I wish I had known when I started coaching” which she then edited into 5 short videos. I have often sent these to new coaches and got some great feedback on them. I wanted to create a page where people could easily access these short videos which contain very practical short ideas. Part 1 – Qualifications aren’t as important as you might think Part 2: There isn’t Continue reading →

RSP 46: Final Episode: Turning the Tables on Ankush Jain

In the last two and a half years, Ankush Jain has interviewed over 40 state of mind relationship experts for the Relationship Series Podcast. In this, his final episode, Jill Whalen turns the table on him to hear what he’s learned from his interviews, and how they’ve helped his own relationships. Key points discussed in the interview were: – How all relationships are basically the same. – How our relationships with others reflect our relationships to ourselves. – That others don’t have the ability to Continue reading →