RSP 16: Joe Bailey on Compatibility, Listening And The Weird Secret To A Better Relationship

This week I interview Dr Joe Bailey where we discuss: – How the principles behind state of mind apply to love and intimacy – The role of our thoughts in relationships – Why falling out of love is so common – Why Joe feels compatibility is overrated – Why there are so many communication problems in relationships and – The role of fear in relationships. You can get in touch with Joe via his website –  Joe Bailey’s life purpose is to help people Continue reading →

Just a Thought – Speaking Your Truth in a Relationship

Hi All, Gordon Faulkner (a state of mind coach from America) reached out to me a little while ago after listening to my relationship series podcast and wanted to interview me about the principles behind our state of mind and how it applies to relationships. We recorded the conversation and he is releasing it in 4 parts. In this first 18 minute audio we discuss: – Speaking Your Truth – The first insight I had about the principles behind state of mind which has stayed Continue reading →

RSP 15: Cheryl Bond on Our Judgemental Filter, Fun & The Power Of Reconnecting

 This week I interview my colleague Dr Cheryl Bond. In this episode we discuss: – The first insight she had which changed her relationships with her family and friends – How she became more humble, compassionate, and curious about other people – The correlation between state of mind and our behaviours in relationships – How she’s enjoyed a loving marriage which has last over 40 years! – Having fun being ourselves   Dr Cheryl Bond is a training and organisational development consultant and worked for Continue reading →

RSP 14: Don Deacy On Seeing Clearly and The Privilege of Carrying On

This week I interview Don Deacey who is a state of mind coach, an acupuncture and Bowen therapist, a martial arts instructor and in a previous life was an ex-military policeman. In this episode we discuss: – How Don sees the relationship between physical therapies such as acupuncture and the state of mind coaching he does – The impact on his own relationships of understanding more about the principles behind our state of mind – What mastery means for Don and how this relates to the Continue reading →

RSP 13: Janet Lindsay (Rhynie) On The Value Of Life, Our Own Health and The Human Revolution

This week, I interview my friend and colleague Janet Lindsay. Janet is a business owner, with over twenty years experience in the field of behavioural change has and continues to work with some of the hardest to reach in society. As an ex probation manager invited to return to the field of criminal justice to write innovative programmes for females offenders, she did not anticipate the changes that would take place with the female offenders she worked with but also within herself. These changes have Continue reading →

RSP 12: Jan and Chip Chipman on Understanding Divorce, Saving Marriages and Finding Your Happiness

Understanding Divorce, Saving Marriages and Finding Your Happiness This week, I’m very fortunate to be interviewing one of my mentor’s Chip and his lovely wife Jan Chipman of Vantage Consulting Group, Inc. They are human relations consultants from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia and I have been getting mentoring from Chip for the past two months which has taken my coaching to a much deeper level. Mentored by Sydney Banks from 1975 until 2009, they hosted many executive and couples’ retreats with him in North Continue reading →